six ways from sunday. pflicht18

pow[d]er pussy
six ways from sunday. cd

pflichtkauf. pflicht18

the second episode for pow[d]er pussy is a fact! after their first well-received 3" epcd ("one day"), on pflichtkauf, the time was right to put out their first full length cd "six ways from sunday" released on the same label.the combination of exploding rhythms and freshly squeezed pussy juice music will atomize the brains & feet of the energetic dancers. think eclectic, think dynamic, think pow[d]er pussy ! pow[d]er to the pussies! - meow!


1 sunshine
2 cryogenicpussylover
3 breathe+transmit
4 bytethatnoid
5 deviatescreen
6 cateatscuckoo
7 e.b.s.
8 n-rot
9 yourmove
10 sentientbutsilicate (thuspronetoerror)