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the long awaited collaboration project of noisex & hypnoskull. cybernetic:fuckheadz> was created as an idea in 1998, and grew to this project throughout the years, resulting in this first album. after their shared usa tour in 2000, roucka and stevens decided to actually make work of this project since the rumours were so well spread in the scene of the newschool industrial techno, and everybody was asking how would sound like. hardcore breakbeats is also the result of both recording artists to create a harsh hybrid form of drum’n bass, breakbeats and hardcore electronica. ever since the first appearance of jungle in 1994, stevens for example tried to incorporate these bouncing rhythms into his industrial techno work. throughout the years jungle became softened and now ‘walks around’ as drum’n bass. however there are many great examples of dark and harder drum’n bass, both producers decided to create a harsh version of this sound. is a harsh urban laboratory where all kinds of influences from both artists become mixed into a new form of electronic breakbeat industrial with an edgy touch. from up to 200 bpm to soundscape-like tracks, breaks any rules set to industrial, breakbeat or drum’n bass music.


1 gonna erase your soul
2 the trouble causer (original)
3 whatever
4 flexible filter.fuck
5 -0db (kindergarden)
6 i inject your 808
7 praise
8 cybernetic:defect
9 no edgez-no rulez
10 cybernetic:fuckheadz
11 automatic operating mixing desks on propane
12 redo noise ?
13 cockknocker
14 one million supersluts
15 the trouble causer (sliding elements remix)