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since 1999, jeff mcilwain (a.k.a. lusine icl) has explored and combined a mixture of electronic music genres (and even some genres which do not exist yet). these explorations have ranged from experimental ambience to danceable rhythmic treatments. his fanbase has grown with each release, and lots of open minded listeners have enjoyed albums such as 'iron city'. each release has spotlighted mcilwains variety and virtuosity in merging several styles. this cd includes various lusine works which were available only on vinyl (f.e. the entire 'chao ep' on mental industries) or only on compilations -except for the unreleased track, 'cascade'. none of these tracks have been released before on hymen records. although 'condensed' is actually a compilation, it has the aural impression of a regular full length album. this is a fine collection of lusine’s work from the last 4 years. highly recommended.


1 in flight
2 risa
3 chao
4 rabblerouse
5 dr. chinme
6 shin
7 rushhour
8 chao (crunch rmx)
9 cascade
10 vacate
11 mojave
12 lullaby
13 neon