gone west. ¥724.2

dead hollywood stars
gone west. mp3 album

hymen records. ¥724.2

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have you already gone west? maybe you already know this 'all-star-project' featuring members of xingu hill, ammo, ambre, snog. even if you're familiar with these projects, be prepared for something unexpected. d.h.s. incorporates two seemingly disparate styles into one: chilling ambient and american roots music. this mixture, some call it 'desert ambient', melds subdued beats/soundscapes with blues and country guitar riffs along with ghostly vocals. the result is breathtaking -- american history goes into space. hymen records and mmr have decided to make the phenomenal first release available again! a collaboration-release of hymen (¥724) & mad monkey records (mmr09).


1 incantation
2 all-star western
3 jigsaw motel
4 dreamland's burning
5 the way of the fugu
6 mojo
7 arid zona
8 lunacy
9 amongst the stars
10 afterlife (see you later)
11 wunderkammer (broken)
12 épisodique