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have you already gone west? maybe you already know this 'all-star-project' featuring members of xingu hill, ammo, ambre, snog. even if you're familiar with these projects, be prepared for something unexpected. d.h.s. incorporates two seemingly disparate styles into one: chilling ambient and american roots music. this mixture, some call it 'desert ambient', melds subdued beats/soundscapes with blues and country guitar riffs along with ghostly vocals. the result is breathtaking -- american history goes into space. so if you are familiar with 'gone west', you will find our 'space cowboys' defending their territory and exploring new areas. don't be surprised to find a nightclub where you can hear a sinatraesque crooner with an electronic background. if you think you have conceived the film to this soundtrack then watch the video on the cd, and you will realize that the d.h.s. conceptions are quite, quite different... a collaboration-release of hymen (¥724) & mad monkey records (mmr09).


1 last train to aldebaran
2 the pure voice
3 back from exile
4 through the cane fields
5 suburban mystery
6 in the abbey of the psalms
7 akiko's diary
8 a cold spot
9 triangulating the daemon
10 stardust
11 gunslinger
12 down to zero
13 singapore sling
14 the crying indian
15 noctuary
16 western glamor
17 last train to aldebaran (video)