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silk saw
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hymen records. ¥010

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silk saw (marc mœdea and gabriel séverin), a remittent duo who's working desperately hard to cut the edges of music, like this: peregrinations through the abstract, shuffle and superposition of cards, movements of objects, scissors that we grind, tamping, clean sweep of the idiots, pretences, confrontation between the weak and the strong, smooth and rough, pillage and recuparation, laugh at first, then destruction of the mountain according to rule. this enterprise requires the refusal of compromise. thus, silk saw is not a turkish delight for everybody. seriously, let's say that the duo is trying more and more to translate in sounds an intern climate, the humming of the body singing of his own way, the basic vibration, deaf and omnipresent, but that words can't almost never formulate. then, music (in the ordinary meaning) doesn't have so much importance; remain only the impulse, the beating/recognition signal of the body, the ultimate billow wich 'll make us overturn: it gets tipsy and is about to provoke nausea.


1 dedicated to fulci
2 long live the king
3 tamping
4 pounding to pieces
5 syncopated jags
6 slow scraping
7 late fat kings