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ant-zen. act198

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the frozen spark' will be a surprise to those who thought squaremeter's musical direction would be calculable. mathis mootz's new masterpiece tears you down - deep down. once there were nearly danceable rhythms, eastern influences, and brightness - now there is a maelstrom of reverberation, tormented voices, ultra-slow beats and haunting sound manipulation - sheer darkness. b.lustmord was mentioned as a possible inspiration to squaremeter and now it seems, mootz's intention for this album was to create a 21st century 'paradise disowned' that is coupled with an imaginary soundtrack to a 'the seventh sign' sequel. we try to avoid 'name-dropping' but the music on this cd can be also defined as an antipode to the early biosphere, or as a logical improvement of the darker morthound phase. different grades of volume, and sometimes silence, are magnificiantly well-placed -forcing you to listen. 'the frozen spark' is a collection of ritualistic electronic compositions to accompany rituals you can’t imagine in your greatest nightmares - the melodic lines in 'diffraction' and 'reanimation limit' only promise a deceitful salvation. now you have never heard squaremeter this dark... packaging: jewelcase w/ 4-page booklet.


1 morphia
2 white breach
3 acr flow
4 second angle
5 diffraction
6 gazed radiation
7 reanimation limit
8 deviation