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olivier went to the telegraph office to see if there was any messages. the operator grinned at him and drawled as he handed out a black envelope: "oliver moreau. there shore is a heap of a message for you." olivier took the envelope eagerly and as abashed as a schoolboy. the big brown hands that could hold a rifle steady as a rock shook perceptibly as he tore it open and read the brief message. he gulped and read it again: "new collaboration work has to be done. come over as fast as you can ... phil and tim." his relationship to phillip m√ľnch and tim kniep had been something more than that of ranger to captain, and their respect and admiration for him were great, so he didn"t hesitate for one second. on his way to fort hatchetfield, olivier remembered the most difficult and perhaps the most dangerous service he ever undertook - but certainly it was one of his most important ones. he was known on the border from el paso to the mouth of the rio grande. he was feared - but working with these two legendary german gunmen was always a big challenge. two missions had been fulfilled, one in 1998 and one in 2000. now it was time for the most adventurous one - a mission that would take one entire year to be accomplished. at the fort hatchetfield train station, phil and tim saw the dusty brown train approach - like a long scaly snake coiling behind a puffing black head. the train came into sight and rapidly drew near. The engine passed with a steaming roar. Then with a grinding of steel on steel the train came to a halt. rapidly, olivier jumped off the car and recognized the waiting phil and tim. "what do you have in mind?" he asked. "for now: three tracks - pressed on vinyl in limited quantity. we are in charge of side a, you will be in charge of side b. but as always we will work on all tracks together. we will take the usual gear - rhythm, samples, noise and tim"s voice. the next vinyl will be done in six months, and the third one at the end of 2005." "alright, anything done yet?" "You are to listen, hear what you can." it was a hard and fast session. straight rhythms were added to breakbeats which in turn met shattering synth blasts. interwoven with this were melodic sequencer lines and even western soundtrack-like samples - all topped by a hard voice - a voice with a ring in it like that of iron striking against iron. the result of the first part of the mission lasted twelve minutes and twelve seconds - the incredible three were satisfied. the telegram to ant-zen headquarters was short and clear: "fine. release it. olivier, phil, tim". they guessed that, big or small, this record would carry the crew to some distant quarter of the world, and therefore to a place to be desired... - to be continued -.


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