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with 'war of sound', mathis mootz (m2 / squaremeter) changed his direction from microtonal click'n'cut-oriented soundscapes to rhythm-oriented ambient music. this new approach was enjoyable at home and in concert. the beats on 'aswad' are kept slow, but the drum sounds have become more dominant and powerful. you have never heard squaremeter this dark - maybe it is a result of mootz's first aural contact with lustmord's works. so the influence of brian williams is present. tracks like 'faregh' also contain some of these dark elements (while you might believe that you are listening to an excerpt of a john carpenter soundtrack when you hear 'kefaya'). 'aswad' is similar to 'war of sound' because they both follow the same path. however, on ‘aswad’ arabic influences have taken over the sound, track titles and artwork. of course, there is always one name mentioned when an artist utilizes these themes: bryn jones a.k.a. muslimgauze. 'aswad's title track is reminiscent of jones' work, but the typical m2-clicks and the pounding beats make this track unique and original. with this cd, m2's stylistic evolution goes one step further; 'aswad' is an enjoyable aural journey at home and a platform for energetic m2 live events.


1 sifer
2 tahat
3 aswad
4 kefaya
5 faregh
6 imsak
7 khalast
8 wala hayoh