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black lung
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ant-zen. act147

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david thrussell a.k.a. black lung launches a new attack on the listener’s mind and body. one thing that should be noted about this black lung release (after 'rhic-edom') is its specific topic--no wonder that vegetarian thrussell would use it for a record. the artwork seems quite harmless - knife and fork, that's all. in fact you might ask: "where's the beef?" - until you put the record on. the 'first movement' starts as a collage, including the sounds mentioned in the introduction. now what do you have on your table right now? feel comfortable? huh? aaah, rhythm comes in, so take it easy... easy... right into the second movement which is still rhythmic, but - eh, what about those side-effects... these samples included are a bit... uhm... disturbing.. *burp* - but this t-bone is tasty, sure it is... *gulp* ah, time to turn the record up - the rhythms of 'third movement' are quite faster and harder, can you enjoy it with your full stomach...? ah-ok, there’s still some of your steak left... no, the fly buzzing around is on the record, not 'round your plate so take it easy... but ... what do we have here... what's this 'fourth movement about... huh? it’s as if krysztof penderecki had composed a requiem for slaughtered animals for sampler and classical orchestra.. now can't we get something more soothing for desert... no? arrrh...*puke*... enjoy your meal !


1 introduction by dr. johnathon cavendish
2 first movement
3 second movement-choirs of cattle
4 third movement-fields of flesh
5 fourth movement-the silent abattoir