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ant-zen. act145

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distorted dj' shows the improvement of asche's musical world. in addition, it is accompanied by a full length album of remixed 'distorted disco' tracks. the slow and dark 'goldenday (version)' may make you think of a more chilling follow-up to 'distorted disco', but from track 2 on asche shows no mercy with the pumping, hard-driving 'dist dj' versions. you will become a slave to the rhythm and 'finnished' will leave you exhausted - but this is only part one... on cd 2 you will find different musicians' takes on asche's 'distorted disco' material. from p.a.l's drone version of 'testshow' to the heavy rhythmic distortions of synapscape, from xingu hill's ab-usage of breakbeats and voices to institut's death-industrial treatments... if 'distorted disco' gave you 11 whiplashes - then we think you can now stand 22, right?


1 goldenday (version)
2 dist dj pt 1
3 dist dj pt 2
4 dist dj pt 3
5 dist dj pt 4
6 dist dj pt 5
7 dist dj pt 6
8 finnished (rmx)
1 testshow (rmx by p.a.l)
2 atomic i.c.e. (rmx by ms gentur)
3 peter (rmx by synapscape)
4 kiss the whip (rmx by s.i.n.a.)
5 zapped (rmx by dj peter (slimelight))
6 mindbomb (rmx by collapse)
7 our love is a beautiful brutal thing (rmx by hinsidan)
8 tv junk (rmx by xingu hill)
9 another kind ov being (rmx by punch inc.)
10 holy ghost enema (rmx by habeeb)
11 your bomb (rmx by institut)
12 overheadlights by converter
13 atomic i.c.e. (rmx by ah cama-sotz)
14 zapped (rmx by architect)