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ca ne nous rendra pas le congo', the follow up to their first album (‘rictus’), was quite a change for axiome and also for the listener. the new born grew up a little - and what have we here? seems like some kind of a teenage rebel (or even maybe a juvenile delinquent...) who wants to consume stimulates and party! 'ca ne nous...' was less rhythmic than 'rictus' - 'va-t-il faire beau?' brings back the straightforward distorted percussion of the first record while mixing it with the experiments and sound manipulations of the second. in addition this sound is sped up tremendously. this release is not as subliminal and playful as 'ca ne nous...' - it is a consequent permutation of the live-attacks axiome performed last year. so you can expect fast breakbeats - sometimes straight, sometimes not - curious sample-experiments (well, maybe not that curious for those who are familiar with olivier moreau's and c-drik's work) and last not least, the typical axiome'ish sense of humour. btw, nice weather, isn't it?


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