the andronechron incident. act132

black lung / xingu hill
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ant-zen. act132

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after the long-deleted 10 inch record with two selections, ant-zen proudly presents the entire original soundtrack from the l'ultimo pictures international motion picture 'the andronechron incident'. original motion picture soundtrack performed by david thrussell (black lung) and john n. sellekaers (xingu hill). progressive groovy ambient tunes mixed up with soundscapes of indescribable complexity and surrealistic atmosphere.


1 the mysteries of the worm
2 crimson skies and vapour trails
3 breakfast in malnéant
4 the people of the monolith
5 the zone of the thirteen
6 the garbled weaver
7 with a tongue of madness
8 argument with a time eater
9 spiders web (end theme)