the cause of the flow. act131

contagious orgasm
the cause of the flow. mp3 album

ant-zen. act131

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hiroshi hashimoto’s evolution as an artist continues with this new piece of work. familiar c.o. themes like sexual obsession, religious ritualism and traditional japanese culture permeate “the cause of the flow” with a new-found subtlety. even with the replacement of acoustic beats by electronic ones, c.o.'s signature collages survive in a freshly melodic form. the perhaps over-used designation “soundtrack to a yet undone movie” is a perfect fit. this disc should be enjoyed uninterrupted in a dark, warm room; sensory deprivation might further enhance the experience.


1 in-tro
2 method of disappearance
3 in-to
4 invisible mass
5 funnyman
6 met-des
7 killed by the horse and...
8 from the outside to the inside
9 the gloomy sky
10 firewalker ... the age of the rhythm