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morgenstern's dark music consists of strange, hypnotic loops, distorted power electronics and heavy death industrial tunes. deep drones with occasional samples are slowly transformed into a quiet wind tunnel groan with sporatic choes of thumps and bumps from far off objects in the background. the music flows into a rythmic tribal drum ceremony where various pitches of wind noise through a pipe are layered in while electrodes snap, a rythmic helicopter sounds and firecrackers pop. war torn screams and cries are blended way into the background. tribal powerelectronic-rhythms & dark ambient: from ceremonial processions to hypnosis and hysteria, being relaxed on the outside and at the same time restless on the inside.


1 anfang/ende
2 hymn
3 soar
4 ravished
5 not am sein
6 stormy battle ode
7 rake
8 rodion's dead souls
9 welt
10 ende/anfang