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it has been two years since rorschach garden’s last album, 'our japanese friends', but the world is still enjoying their mixture of danceable beats, charmful melodies and unique vocals. the music hits the listener right in the centre of their heart. it also seems that the italian division of ford thought the same thing - an excerpt from 'robot song' was chosen as a soundtrack for a ford fiesta tv ad. now here is trg's long-awaited follow-up: the cd presents fourteen new tracks (except the entirely re-recorded'society'). 'life is a combat' starts up with a bang: darrin huss (psyche) is the vocalist and interprets philipp münch's lyrics brilliantly. on 'l'homme deconnecté', french independent legend charles de goal is the guest vocalist (he also wrote the lyrics). btw this is a nice example of what myspace is good for - the contact between charles and trg was initiated by a friend add! with 'the toy factory' trg delivers a contemporary masterpiece of electro-pop without any 'revival' clichés. some of the tracks have already garnered cheerful comments when they were played live and the album will definitely elate the rorschach-fanbase. welcome to the toy factory!


1 life is a combat
2 joyful life
3 metropolis
4 catch your fall
5 different
6 the toy factory
7 isolation
8 the inner screen
9 society
10 cascades
11 tragedy
12 holiday site
13 click click
14 l'homme deconnecté