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bazooka joe and kaleidoskop are proud to present the rorschach garden's second full length cd which features 16 excellent 80s / retro-minimal-electro tracks. last year's debut full length release on kaleidoskop received enthusiastic press reviews and praise from listeners worldwide. that cd even made it onto the german alternative charts (dac) for eight weeks! this brand new release by the german trio is the logical continuation of the first album. 14 unreleased tracks plus 2 titles previously available only on compilations. once again you will whistle the merry and melancholic tunes, sing-along with the lyrics in english and french - enjoying the cd at home and in public. If you are an eighties or minimal-electro addict then your heart is already beating faster. an essential release for old and new rorschach friends all over the world - not just in japan!


1 anti-entertainment
2 modern
3 searching for perfection
4 re-sist
5 selling stuff
6 le jour dernière
7 private games
8 my japanese friends
9 surgeon song
10 airline personnel
11 soon it starts
12 the suitcase
13 abuse
14 lucky star
15 grief
16 clockworks