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jonni mogul
betcha bootz. 7"

bazooka joe. bubble7inch5

you have already heard some great 7"es by sensational british 70s/80's retro-electro duo mogul, such as the recent 'rotunda' ep on elefant. 'i`m going pop now i`m solo, and will have big hits,stuff indie music it`s rubbish' (jonni mogul) - well, 'betcha bootz' is the first official release for jonni as 'jonni mogul', continuing bazooka's consequent research for what we call 'hits'- ride the rodeo !!!! the red vinyl single will be backed with 'el chupacabra', the mythological name for the mexican goat-sucker - a four-fanged, red-eyed creature which drank live goats' blood, plus that of the odd mexican resident (see x-files episode 'el mundo gira' for more). 'el chupacabra' is an instrumental track, so jonni says, with (quote) "a mad latino sample going 'eh eh chupa-chupacabra he he". yi-haaa!


1 betcha bootz
2 el chupacabra