anti-matter. plate5

anti-matter. 10"

delikatessen records. plate5

perhaps it was the claustrophobic restaurant, the foreign environment, the caffeine, but my stomach gave way and i threw up the entire contents of my belly, completely severing the place in half with a puddle of regurgitated chinese tea…we couldn't get to our table, the staff couldn't get past us to clean it up and the poor patrons near me all had to lift their feet in the air to avoid the flood!' --lilienthal ooof! we guarantee there will be no barfing when you check out delikatessen’s fifth installment of delicious electronics! and that’s lilienthal’s special blend of warm melodies brewed up just for you in anti-matter, a four-track cup of loveliness on a 10-inch vinyl saucer that’ll snap you out of the afternoon doldrums. the first sip, titled 'infinity,' goes down smooth and sneaks up on you like chamomile, where a soft drum kit rides light in the distance and moves in closer as it’s enveloped by a double lump of rich bass. 'kitty hawk' follows up next, its strong electro percussion swelling in your mouth like a crumpet before gliding down your throat. for the real caffeine kick, 'shadows' takes 'kitty hawk'’s electro beats and builds a complex ten-minute interplay between a zesty warbling leitmotif and roasted low synth notes bearing the aroma of early autechre. rounding out delikatessen’s teatime is the palette-cleansing 'compactor,' a crunchy drum affair with flaky fresh breakbeats and sprinkles of sugary ambience. anti-matter is sure to make your tea pot whistle when you put it on for a spin! about the chef: lilienthal’s arrow kleeman has been producing his special downtempo idm blends since his 1999 debut, castor & pollux,' on emanate, but he’s been messing around with musical brews since he was 15 and collaborated with sybarite’s xian hawkins as mobius strip for a couple years. additionally, kleeman’s keen on painting like both his parents before him, and places importance on his artistic impulses. i tend to be impatient, i don't labor…if something doesn't come out in a night or two it usually won't become anything. approximately 99% of my tracks are recorded live in one take immediately after it is sequenced. that way they may be imperfect but the emotional connection comes through. in fact the imperfections are for me what reminds me that there is a person behind it.' right, fine, we’ll have another cup!


1 infinity
2 kitty hawk
3 shadows
4 compactor