repaired. c05

repaired. cd

mirex. c05

besides reports about live and dj activities, there isn’t much information to be found on subskan mastermind jean-marc. there were rumors about him working in a factory and using pure industrial samples for his artistic work. listening to 'repairs' might validate the truth of these rumours. we do know that this is his second release. 'repaired' could be seen as the transformation of a regular work day into music. starting with drony, abstract soundscapes, followed by the addition of embedded beats, reaching the climax with drum-and-bass/breakcore beats (and don't forget the faded lovely string synths and voices - just as the muzak played in some factories keeps the workers productive) and finally concluding with a mellow melodic tune - closing time. despite the fact that industrial work is mostly monotonous, there is a lot of variety in this album's music. there is a constant flow from track to track; leading the listener through ambient spaces to hard-driving rhythmic madnesses. don't miss this one - and enjoy your work ! special plastic sleeve packaging.


1 remembering next injuries
2 subtiles ustensiles
3 ultime tentative
4 tears
5 where's my metronome?
6 puzzled over
7 caught
8 time left
9 recuperasponslift
10 come down
11 searching for my lost fingers
12 happy bacon
13 i don't care
14 m.o.l.o.t.o.v.
15 enough