v.a. - carbon. c03

v.a. - carbon. cd

mirex. c03

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you hear the knock on the door. your hands start sweating. your pulse shoots up, blood pumping so hard into the back of your eyes they begin to bulge out of their sockets. the door flies open, and your worst nightmare comes whirling into your living room, shrieking like a tornado, smashing and tossing everything that isn’t nailed to the floor. almost three years old, mirex is here to terrorize you with ultrasonic horror music that’s fast, furious, and out of control like a toddler on crack. that’s right, his name is carbon, and he’s just woken up from a nice nap and ready to wreak havoc on your ears. carbon’s first escapade is to have blaerg ingeniously disassemble one of the 20th century’s most memorable - and haunting - thriller soundtrack themes, bernard herrmann’s psycho soundtrack, and thoroughly infuse it with cleaver-sharp amen breaks and a touch of mother bates’ noise. not to be outdone by first-timer blaerg’s “shower scene,” hecate roars forth on “devil whore” with a throng of chanting demons, a grinding guitar, mechano-bass pummeling from hell. xanopticon brings the pain on “ex nihilo” with a needle bouquet of slivered aphex twin tracks, while donna summer slobbers breaks, guitar pieces, and hip-hop flava all over your hardwood floors on “drieze cassette.” carbon is not all raw, unleashed terror, as evidenced by calmer moments like line 47’s “taken away,” its tense power breaks soothed long lullaby synth themes and a heavy dose of ambience. but lest that lull you into a false sense of hope, carbon throws down a doozie of a fit, dev/null’s appropriately titled, “no, seriously, i’m like, wicked, evil and shit…” when you get to end’s morricone-styled spy theme, “you only live once,” your ears will be praying for the van gogh treatment. just be thankful that mirex will never be three again, and that carbon comes to visit only when you want him to! feat: blaerg, hecate, subskan, xanopticon, undacova, drop the lime, ove-naxx, donna summer, sickboy, line 47, dev/null, xingu hill, fanny, terminal11, kaebin yield, axiome, enduser, duran duran duran, sedarka, end. special plastic sleeve packaging.


1 shower scene blaerg
2 devil whore hecate
3 i don't care subskan
4 ex nihilo xanopticon
5 sciarex undacova
6 chump killers drop the lime
7 whacking away the kichigai dub ove-naxx
8 drieze cassette donna summer
9 kiss me on the dancefloor sickboy
10 taken away line 47
11 no seriously I'm like wicked evil and shit... dev/null
12 16-bit golem xingu hill
13 a fistfull of oily dollars-edit fanny
14 get squirrely terminal11
15 tachyon kaebin yield
16 ambrasmoeker axiome
17 basement enduser
18 ufickn duran duran duran
19 bakka bishojo sedarka
20 you only live once end