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there is one trend in substanz-t's musical development and that is its uniqueness. that is, substanz-t does not have just one sound. the chilling ambience of tripped experiences was followed by the hip-hop influenced electric opium; the moods may change but the vibe never will. four years have passed, and that vibe is still within 'beyond e'. substanz-t has traded electric opium's roughness for hypnotic, almost melancholic sentiments. this album is a perfect merger of downtempo beats, post-psychedelic electronica, driving electric bass pulses and soulful vocals. synth lines, sequences and striking effects are kept together by varied rhythms - which expertly balance acoustic and electronic instrumentation. all the while, a manipulated, manipulating voice calls you... listening to substanz-t's music is like being sucked into a black hole - you never know what is waiting beyond... new colour. new dimension. new value.


1 orbit 32
2 heavenly connection
3 glow
4 luminous dream
5 a moment frozen in time
6 sonique
7 gleaming night
8 truth
9 last state of delirium
10 aural sphere
11 beyond infinity
12 reflection
13 flare
14 seed
15 source