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after over 30 dates across the u.s.a, europe and russia snog eturn home in one piece (we hope) to launch their new remix album planet of shit’. as the title suggests it’s an album over-brimming ith the tenderness and subtly we’ve come to expect from melbourne’s favourite dark electro anarchists. the album features 18 tracks including remixes by killing joke’s kris kylven, u.k dirtytrance utfit manmademan, russian electro-rockers recently deceased, back lung, zen paradox, (new psy-harmonics signing) white noise carousel and many others (twelve remixes in all!) with five brand new songs rounding out the set.


1 planet of shit
2 planet of shit (kris kylven remix)
3 planet of shit (manmademan remix)
4 planet of shit (dimension beattie remix)
5 planet of shit (neal stewart remix)
6 planet of shit (black lung remix)
7 planet of shit (zen paradox remix)
8 planet of shit (end remix featuring erich schoen-rene on cello)
9 planet of shit (recently deceased remix)
10 planet of shit (white noise carousel remix)
11 the day they came back
12 we are the enemy
13 a nation at war
14 turn on your brain baby (sir real remix)
15 planet of shit (hecq remix)
16 child
17 lie song
18 planet of shit (acoustic version).