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snog are the kings of hate. the sultans of satire and the regents of regret. it is for their day job however, as pioneering legends of dark australian electro, that they are best known. as a welcome addition to their hit album snog_vs. the faecal juggernaut of mass culture they now present an album of remixes and new material. to kick-start the snog world-tour (taking in the u.s.a, europe and russia) they drop the 17 track opus ‘the kings of hate’ august 8th 2006. we open with lead misanthrope thrussell hissing with delight through a revitalized album version of the title track, then follow a slew of astounding remixes. from the berserk 1930s big band style makeover by (ipecac and hymen artist) end through the electrolatino of the calculators to the robo-funk of black lung. pounding club mixes come from (u.k psy-trance outfit) manmademan and (recent signing to psy harmonics sub label ‘sub’) mantrix. san francisco dj/artist anon & (new skinny puppy collaborator) cyrus-rex weigh in with a deep and strange glitch tech version and the lands behind the former iron curtain (russia and belarus) are represented by oleg kostrow (of messer fur frau muller fame) and the new school industrial of recently deceased. rounding out the record are a grab-bag of new tracks including the thoughtful ebm of ‘shopping man’, a brand new collaboration with legendary italian industrial outfit pankow ‘sedition is lust’ and the troubling acoustic track ‘stomp song’. a bizarre kaleidoscopic vision where old-school industrial rhythms collide with hillbilly picking and glam-rock guitars. such is the frightening world of the kings of hate.


1 king of hate
2 king of hate (end remix)
3 king of hate (cabana dee and the calculators remix)
4 turn on your brain baby (oleg kostrow remix)
5 king of hate (black lung remix)
6 turn on your brain baby ((diverse)) remix
7 crash crash (manmademan remix)
8 turn on your brain baby (mantrix remix)
9 bourgeois (tony d' oporto remix)
10 shopping man
11 sedition is lust (featuring pankow)
12 bourgeois (squigg remix)
13 queen of hate (anon + cyrusrex remix)
14 turn on your brain baby-recently deceased remix
15 king of hate (spyweirdos remix)
16 king of hate (dr tooth re-invention)
17 stomp song