vs the faecal juggernaut of mass culture. ¥752

vs the faecal juggernaut of mass culture. mp3 album

hymen records. ¥752

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snog's last full-time-album 'beyond the valley of the proles' was a brilliantly placed shock for many of those who filed david thrussell's project under 'just-electronic' - thrussell's reference to artists such as lee hazlewood or leonard cohen polarized and proved snogs unpredictable creativity. and listeners' reactions on the seven all-acoustic 'travel sickness' tunes was even more surprised at......while we're talking about this one here. yes there are also eight brand new acoustic tracks, live from the verandah - well-hidden on the cd in mp3 format. the fourteen songs you will find in the 'regular' audio-cd section show thrussell and his' companions (such as c.peirce / end, sir real, ubin, the namshub of enki) as masters of amplified sound - is it electro ('crash crash'), is it the trashmen ('on the rise'), is it one of these rock numbers only snog can do ('destroyer')....? indeed it is, amongst others. slide guitars are hit by shuffle-beats, long forgotten tekkno-anthems are drowning in a sea of breakbeats, bombs will be dropped... and who's singing on that track, tom waits? for no one... digipak packaging.


1 king of hate
2 crash crash
3 bourgeois
4 turn on your brain baby
5 planet of shit
6 on the rise
7 neighbour of the beast
8 poison
9 the disease
10 don’t go down to the woods today
11 destroyer
12 al qaeda is your best friend
13 the de-evolutionaries
14 a hymn for the fascist republic