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for those rubberheads who consider somatic responses to be idm - thanks in part to their melodically brilliant 2002 album for hymen, touching the void - take heart: pounded mass stylistically name checks your idm and experimental electronic icons like aphex twin, squarepusher, and lee norris. somatic responses’ john healy and paul healy also have a message for these folks: rethink that tag. pounded mass is one acerbic noise assault after another, the kind that will make most fans of twee synth tunes soil themselves. “we've taken a harder stance for this lp, as the title suggests,” says john. “i think that we were categorized as idm for a bit, which we never really understood…so we've applied a few good measures of distortion, et cetera to this release. there's much more of a mixed bag in this release…” on the tripadelic “bathrobe brawl v1,” somatic responses infuse the psychotic turntablist scratching effervescence of dj spooky with breaks and bass worthy of a depth charge or dj shadow cut. one track later, on “go off,” the welsh brothers healy crank up the somatic responses style of electro-mechano breakcore ferocity that would otherwise plant pounded mass firmly in the realm of xanopticon or orphx. then there’s the aptly-titled “the day idm crawled up its own arse,” which john says is “a simple statement of what we think of the elitist and good old-fashioned cock-head idm producers.” hymen sincerely hopes you “feel the love” on somatic responses’ pounded mass.


1 machines desire
2 noggins revenge
3 dead space
4 bathrobe brawl v1
5 go off
6 approaching menace (i've just dsp'd myself again mix)
7 broken picture
8 pounded mass final v3
9 the day idm crawled up it's own arse
10 clode d
11 spam shandy
12 mwnt
13 halo
14 the last laugh