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the term 'science-fiction' often dredges up from memory two things: b-movies, and bizarre, unsettling music. music that’s supposed to capture the feel of the otherworldly, the alien, the unexplored and therefore un-mastered realm of our imaginative experience. sonic themes and melodies so evocative they craft visions in your mind’s eye. that’s pretty much what you get on end’s debut album for hymen records, science/fiction. throughout end’s science/fiction is a strong sense of theme and melody that’s as resonant as any modern electronic album you’ll find today. science/fiction revels in expansive percussion patterns and lavish chord structures that swoon with tension, where sonic ideas posited in unrelenting break sequences escalate into apocalyptic zeniths - then implode to silence. an arresting epic unfolds inside your ears. end’s charles peirce, who has appeared previously on planet-?, builds the dark post-industrial themes of science/fiction without the aid of traditional synths and drum machines, relying exclusively on samplers and computer equipment.


1 eclipse of reason
2 immeasurable distances
3 the image economy
4 global media engine
5 simulacra and simulations
6 an elaborate accounting hoax
7 society of the spectacle
8 the culture industry
9 theatres of memory
10 dead media
11 semiopolis
12 science/fiction