live maschinenfest 2017. raub-067

live maschinenfest 2017. tape

raubbau. raub-067

for almost three decades dirk ivens has stormed the stages as dive, armed with nothing but his megaphone and a mini disc - and a discography to draw from that is rather unique. upfront industrial minimalism, straightforward lyrics and a sweeping performance of course worked on spot again on the maschinenfest stage. take a trip down memory lane with this selection of iconic dive tracks, recorded in brilliant quality and - you know the score - made to be played at maximum volume: from classics like ‘broken meat’ and ‘blood money’ over middle period dive favourites ‘machinegun baby’ and the pflichtkauf single ‘lies in your eyes’ to equally convincing tracks from the 2017 comeback album ‘underneath’, a selection which is significantly different from the tracklists of other dive live albums, making it a one-of-a-kind. and: these 50 minutes are just what a live album should be about, a testament to the special energy of a moment in time! play at maximum volume!


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