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ant-zen. act382

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norwegian artist nichlas schermann a.k.a. distortion six furiously returns with 'ferocious' - a batch of eleven sonic assaults to batter the listener's mind and body. a powerful, dark and transcendental album which displays a powerful meld of classic power noise industrial and contemporary progressive technoid elements, suitable for both industrial and techno fans. 'ferocious' offers a steady coherent flow of grinding and shredding percussion coated in dense layers of warped basslines, unsettling noise bursts and heavily processed vocal samples. a breathtaking combination of crusty beats, club-oriented sequences and noisy debris, forceful and paralyzing at the same time. this album is a new manifestation of distortion six's mastery of dark, rhythmic force - splendidly executed technoid power noise, immediate, pure, and unremitting.


1 down (kudari)
2 multiple kings (spears)
3 drap
4 skin
5 crushing
6 crunch
7 warm blood
8 war time
9 noize
10 psyman
11 no more