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somatic responses
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the brothers john and paul healy, collectively known throughout the world as somatic responses, are still native residents of a small industrial mining community snugly located in the southwest region of wales. somatic responses are into complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness that is rarely matched by anyone else. 'augmented lines' is actually the 2nd cd release of the somatix brothers and the follower of the cd 'circumflex' on hymen two years ago. they mix rotary beats form rhythmic regularity, dense waves of electronics with layers of little blips & breaks and turns of melody. twisted drum&bass layers are filled up with abrasive crashes and exploding substances. an unidentified atmospheric spike of subtle piercings or just a calculated assault of an sonic weapon.


1 rnb
2 strangers in the night
3 automata (sonic empire)
4 catacombs
5 perfumed ammo
6 critical path
7 u.d.t.
8 vacant
9 vocax
10 automata (hardway)
11 cs bastardo h
12 engine of desire