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sonic area
eternalism. 12"

audiotrauma. trauma051

sonic area - eternalism (collection - 2004-2018). eternalism is the philosophy of time. it states that all three of time: past, present and future are equally real. including 1 exclusive track, 1 exclusive live version, 1 track from the ‚insensé‘ album (2004), 1 track from the ‚explore‘ album (2007), 1 track from ‚music for ghosts‘ (2012) and two tracks from ‚eyes in the sky‘ (2016). limited to 200 copies.


1 les jardins suspendus
2 le mur des sons
3 les caresses de serpents
4 one more unto the breach dear friends
5 dancing with clouds
6 the soul of a robot
7 black snow and blue mint
8 make a wish (live @ Strasbourg auditorium)