grinding walls. mec035

grinding walls. 2x12"

mecanica. mec035

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‘grinding walls’ is the soundtrack composed by dirk ivens in collaboration with sigillum s for a film created by the visual artist petulia mattioli aka koma. originally released by daft records in 1995, this work is pressed for the first time on vinyl including all original tracks plus some bonus songs taken from ‘no pain no game’ and other old compilations. limited edition of 550 copies on double green vinyl, gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeves and numbered card.


1 dunes of rust
2 grinding walls (part 1)
3 the infinite shades of disgust
4 blood feast
5 on small foetuses black souls dance and cry their triumph
6 grinding walls (part 2)
7 inside my spine stones of death are threading like pearls
8 flesh' extreme leap
9 small paper man
10 and the power weaves its death curtain with our dribble's thread
11 blue waters
12 on the future path is now leading the cripple mark
1 running circle
2 vicious bitch
3 power of passion
4 man in the mirror
5 sickness
6 automatique
7 no pain no game
8 killing time
9 rocket usa
10 welcome to hell part 2