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shape shifter, a mythological creature that transforms its physical shape, but remains the same entity at its core - what could be a more appropriate title for the 2003 sophomore album by coph nia? ambient darkness and soothing sacral sounds are tamed, used as a canvas to lay out the familiar themes of true will and true liberty proclaimed through the sonorous vocal performance of aldenon sartorial, which is now at the heart of the recordings. the unique embrace of the song structure is taken a step further with the peculiar and polarizing cover versions of leather nun’s ‘prime mover’ and ‘stigmata martyr’ by bauhaus, as well as the pungent, yet fascinating performance of crowley’s ‘hymn to pan’ over disharmonic piano lines. the album stands testament of a moment of newly obtained freedom, and is still topical in content and sound 15 years down the road.


1 the hall of truth
2 to fix the shadow
3 lord of the air
4 prime mover
5 gnostic anthem
6 hymn to pan
7 the mirror
8 stigmata martyr
9 call of the jackal