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collector's note: dear cherished listener, we here at the international mind control corporation always strive for excellence. indeed, the finely-honed recorded product you currently hold is the very zenith of late twentieth century marketing and manufacturing technologies. although snog's output has always been of above average quality, the recent direction of his releases under the snog name had suggested a gradual change in style, with the quirky industrial of snog metamorphosing into a vocal-enhanced take on the idm of thrussell's other well-known project, black lung. thrussell's blend of equal parts paranoia, anti-capitalist politics, humour and making it one of the more distinctive sounds around. ...making the revolution sexy.


1 late twentieth century boy
2 are you normal enough?
3 real estate man
4 slide into extinction
5 is there no-one that can save us from today?
6 the last diamond
7 mind and purpose
8 land of the bland
9 the universe
10 state rape
11 business as usual
12 the grey menace
13 old atlantis
14 third mall from the sun
15 fanfare for the common man/woman