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aliens production. apd018

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the chemical connection between the community of old school slovak musicians was final combined and the reaction of this hlohovec -trnava cooperation has finally got it’s final concept. the project of members of samhain and kifoth has gotten the form of an analogue school, and this connection will be for sure a strong beginning for the fans of analog strings of dancing beats and the wild-torn sound of sound tortures. the concept is based on a raw analogue sound that has a lot of hallucinations and hard attacks on your mind. the project's purpose is to use the hybrid beats with amount of the strong sounding tones that are pulsing in the machine park. excellent combination of electronics and experimentation. this is a concept for an open mind and a community that is willing to break into the oasis of analogue storm. this project is designed to respond to projects such as: noise unit, intermix, download... unique pure sound concept full of cracking blocks and hybrid tortures.


1 halu
2 cino
3 gene
4 for
5 per
6 sonal
7 need
8 or
9 mass
10 therapy