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stin scatzor
industranquilizer. cd

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stin scatzor was formed and started as a one-man-project by stefan bens. in 1990 he started out with only one keyboard, creating his own industrial/experimental music. although stefan’s first ‘live’ experiences happened with lescure 13 (a project with johan van roy aka suicide commando). in 1998 they released their debut cd ‘industronic’. through the years the sound of stin scatzor evolved to a much more mature sound and in 2001 kris peeters (guitars and producing) joined the band. the addition of distorted guitar sounds, on their new releases as well as on stage, give stin scatzor a very unique and aggressive industrial sound. their latest industrial attack is called ‘industranquilizer’. limited 200 copies.


1 industranquilizer
2 u.s. of a.
3 black silence
4 skull - sky
5 e.a.p. 620
6 the beast within
7 backfire
8 church and destroy
9 i'am defect
10 face to face
11 the beast within (remix by knk)
12 church and destroy (remix by l.a. con)
13 skull - sky (the black end)