i snog, therefore i am. ¥704

i snog, therefore i am. mp3 album

hymen records. ¥704

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incl. additional remixes by black lung, space cat, haujobb, severed heads, shinjuku filth, xingu hill and atom heart.


1 hooray!!
2 hooray!! (black lung and the death jungle 2000)
3 hooray!! (space cat and the joys of annihilation)
4 hooray!! (haujobb and the breadth of destruction)
5 hooray!! (severed heads and the mormon choir)
6 hooray!! (black lung and the cast of thousands)
7 hooray!! (shinjuku filth and the final dump)
8 one beautiful day part I
9 one beautiful day part II
1 the human germ
2 make the little flowers grow (the gold-eating ants)
3 the human germ (xingu hill battles the predominant pestilance)
4 the human germ (black lung meets the brutal gardener)
5 the human germ (black lung drops the disco bisquit)
6 make the little flowers grow (space cat digs deeper)
7 make the little flowers grow (tdm says please don't groy)
8 the ballad (atom heart and the systematic errors)
9 the ballad (atom heart discovers corrupt data)
10 opening engagement diversion penetration
11 cliche (live at the las vegas hilton)