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since their foundation in 1995 somatic responses are an open-minded project concerning the vast array of contemporary electronic music - 'complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness intertwined' is the description the brothers john and paul healy made to define their sound, and this description is still valid. although a unique s.r. style is always visible, there never was any reserve involving various influences in their work. this stylistic care free attitude is an important element of the 'pattern seeking' album which was released in 2017 on cd and digital format. the digital-only release 'pattern finding' which is available now was recorded during the same period and might be seen as the second part of a virtual double album. however, compared with the predecessor a subtle distinction is visible. on 'pattern finding' predominantly strict beat-oriented tunes can be found wherein straightforward fierce beats carry intelligently placed atmospheric soundscapes which force the listener to move. however this release is completed with two dark, beautiful ambient tunes. a great addendum to an outstanding album - after listening to ‚pattern finding‘ you have to agree the quest was successful.


1 teenage crush(ed)
2 compassion resets
3 0512 purpose hidden
4 136 tek
5 dirt is in the eye of the beholder
6 explosive regression
7 space death earth fading into the distance
8 plugout tunes 1
9 woggle exciter
10 xmasjunglesht
11 captured
12 nightmares