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eff dst
out of body. cd, mp3 album

hymen records. ¥856

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one year after his widely acclaimed 'blackout' album dmitry stepnov and hymen records present 'out of body' - a perfect successor to those who are familiar with eff dst's work as well as an astonishing new discovery to those who are not. while inspirational echoes still permeate this release, eff dst‘s autonomous sonic signature is predominant throughout. from a downtempo audio plateau eff dst’s mighty, soundtrack-driven compositions evolve to a mixture of pulsating dub-ambient environments and sharpened technoid spheres. ten tracks of huge compactness and density where deep beats and propulsive bass assaults implant delicate melody lines and detailed harmonic backdrops are experty placed. a powerful and emotional album, highly recommended for connoisseurs of intelligent rhythm-oriented electronics.


1 growing anger
2 out of body
3 smash them all
4 carrier
5 blind faith
6 first sight
7 ripped rise
8 silent reflections
9 sublunar
10 punch header