aus dem ruder. srb033

aus dem ruder. cd

sleepless records berlin. srb033

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‘aus dem ruder’ is irklis 3rd and regular album after the concept album ‘the plague year’ in 2014 (label: sturm, latvia). since irklis (formerly known as audioscope, label: succession records germany) return to the roots of postindustrial electronic music, they are glad to have found eric van wonterghem (monolith, absolute body control) to do the mastering again and to release this album on his berlin based label. the cover picture ‘orga II’ is from edward paul quist, a new yorker artist that fascinates the 3 members of irklis: brüning & brüning (germany/norway) and aleksandrs berzins (latvia). the german title ‘aus dem ruder’ can be translated as ‘off the rudder’ or ‘out of joint’. 8 powerful and atmospheric post-industrial electronic songs with beautiful analogue synth sounds build the scope of this release. accidental, but not without reason the songs draw a picture of uncertainty, distress and inwardness without any settlement of the confict - a mere classical tragedy without release if we would talk about a play. regarding the music style, the band is doing their kind of dark retro-electonic music combined with cold noise, that may arise from nordic isolation. indeed they use a lot of cult synthesizers from the 80ties. irklis once started as a band from leichlingen (germany) in 1988 (back then under the name formā anonym and later audioscope). since more than a decade the 3 members work across europe with locations in germany, latvia and norway. irklis is the latvian poetic word for an oar which is used for stearing. digipak packaging.


1 sendeschluss
2 disorder
3 deepest dark
4 time for terror
5 all around
6 the cases regress
7 people
8 hunger