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aliens production. apd016

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after debut release aries, denis aka stairway maze did not let us to wait long and he brings us his debut album hollow spaces. stairway maze returns with what he has started on his ep release, and in his production, he again combines cinematic moods in industrial balsams and downtempo tones. melancholic sequences and a bright variety of melodic lines waves throughout the whole material. tribal rhythms and direct militant marching blocks are a strong part of this fascinating blend of electronics and a gothic movie atmosphere. noises and the wave of emotions in the tribal suit and the movie spirit is definitely a strong experience for the fans of the unusually sounding projects which stairway maze for sure is. the sound was taken care of by the great anatoly tokee grinberg and the design was shared by stairway maze and ish.


1 step inside the maze
2 face the unknown
3 pirates of suburbs
4 geiger
5 lights
6 rush hour
7 the runner
8 late night train to limbo
9 hollow spaces
10 and the wind will blow