the three worlds - forget heaven. cure.18

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the three worlds - forget heaven. cd

the epicurean. cure.18

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‘forget heaven’ addresses more celestial matters and shows the artist playing with soap bubbles (a classic vanitas symbol as well, a hint at the fleetingness of the moment) – reflections of light in the dark create the image of a starry sky, the universe. the cd features the entirety of the ‘forget heaven’ cassette release, plus three compilation and two unreleased tracks. the sound spectrum is more immense, from aggravating noise to ethereal, ritual beauty. playtime: 68:14 min. packaging: 6-panel digifile printed on high quality natural paper. limited edition of 300 copies.


1 ti fang – desertification
2 dark accomplishment
3 obey the matrix
4 self hospitalization
5 escape
6 forget heaven
7 vanished
8 fallen out
9 separating green
10 long lost
11 grave with a view