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produce consume destroy is a critical concept album. it picks out as a central theme, how the growth constraints, our society of human beeings, but especially our planet, affects. the outer brackets are build by the change from a life-friendly planet, source of several vital resources, into an exploited, dead world. what remains at the end, is the hope that the earth will regret mankind as its destroyer. where the destruction is coming from is reflected in the inner bracket by the three title spelling songs on this album: a circulation build out of increased productivity, consumption and resource destruction by abundance. the songs on this album are partly antithetical in themselves and express the inconsistency of our actions, or do follow clear, subtle schemes. this underlines the systematic indoctrination of our consumption and disposable culture wich we all are subjected more or less.


1 gaia
2 the great trees fall
3 rich harvest
4 produce
5 electro machinist
6 consume
7 play with the golden card
8 destroy
9 black seabed
10 dead planet
11 eternity