major changes. ¥408

major changes. 12"

hymen records. ¥408

look out, here comes dan 'doormouse' martin presenting thirteen tracks of love fueled dribble punk beat box picture book mayhem. far beyond 'breakcore', 'easy listening' or 'bavarian folk music', doormouse kicks ass, balls, jaws and all the rest. perfectly well-placed sounds - a jazz trumpet, children's voices or jerry lee lewis combined with all sorts of rhythmic styles - think breakbeat, drum & bass, jazz, a human beatbox and other styles which haven’t been invented yet - the result is something you cannot miss! doormouse's parents approve this recording - and you can believe them, he's really a nice boy. and remember what the doormouse said: feed your head! its major changes time! packaging: full-colour sleeve.


1 parental approval warning
2 mnchknz
3 hot 107
4 woke up
5 the tree
6 lulu
7 kaya and dan beatbox freestyle
8 beautiful day
9 erwood hates this song
10 kayita
11 sweet abstractions
12 black feathered dawn
13 good night