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hands. hands-d252

since 2011 ontal have shaped their reputation as spearheads of the industrial techno faction, and with their sophomore album, they join hands in an intuitive liaison: beats and filth, club appeal and noisy debris are the shared agenda. and yet, the sound of ‘amass’ is more than a combination, a hybrid of styles, but a coherent flow of dark rhythmic and experimental music that touches the conscience of the industrial aficionado. an album in its classic sense, these 11 tracks offer a lot of physical appeal and substantial bass riffs, as well as a thrilling storyline - an hour of sound that won’t let you go. with a string of 12 inch releases and remixes under their belt, serbian duo boris brenecki and darko kolar aka ontal are surely one of the most requested acts in the industrial techno circuit - which currently only seems to gather more and more momentum. perfect times for an album with a timeless sound, a culmination point of traditions: ‘amass’ doesn’t exclude, it gives equal room to the minimal elegance of ‘first sign’ and the heaviness of ‘improvidence’, upfront techno bangers like ‘defeated obstacles’ or ‘solidification’ stand next to the idm-enriched abstraction of the two parts of ‘pareidolia’. ‘for industrial people’ is like a wonderful welcome gift for the hands crowd - and the fastest tune among the lot. sonic post punk references can be found throughout, like in the clanging metal sounds of ‘2416’, and the final cut ‘pressure rise equation’ successfully bridges the gap between dance floor and experiment. the amassed consciousness of a genre, conveyed in an album that will generate massive crossover appeal!


1 first sign
2 improvidence
3 m134
4 defeated obstacles
5 lose control
6 for industrial people
7 2416
8 solidification
9 pareidolia
10 pareidolia part 2
11 pressure rise equation