ain't no god nor king. sg1780

dasha rush
ain't no god nor king. 12"

sonic groove. sg1780

dasha is back on sonic groove for her first outing on the label in six years. in this time elapsed dasha has released just two dance singles both some years ago. her last musical outing in 2015, is the stunning masterpiece experimental listening album entitled ‘sleepstep’ on raster noton. now finally after a quite long hiatus from releasing dance music. dasha returns with ‘ain't no god nor king’, a four song extended play release. this deep minded, beat driven journey starts off with ‘katusha’ a hard minimalistic, mesmerizing affair with strong delay effects on the kick drum forging a subconscious state of time and space as it echoes it way through mountainous canyons far away from civilization. next up is ‘dystopian drive’, a percussive song which brings an atmosphere of doom and gloom full on, with a gritty & stringent ebm bassline and tripped out layered acidic effects riding the thick bass waves. ‘black swan’ takes it a few steps further into even darker dismal territories, a nearly nine minute journey which is a fitting sound track for surveilling a haunting post nuclear apocalypse scene from up above. ‘acid melancholy’ is a 303 tweaked ambient sound sculpture with a metronomic pendulum rhythmic perc swinging back and forth which signals that time has run its course and the end is near.


1 katusha
2 dystopian drive
3 black swan
4 acid melancholy