v.a. - maschinenfest 2017. pflicht75

v.a. - maschinenfest 2017. 2cd

pflichtkauf. pflicht75

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including all artists performing at maschinenfest 2017. feat. ah cama-sotz, alarmen, aphexia, dive, empusae, esplendor geometrico, feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim, gatto nero, geneviéve pasquier, gold, goreshit, greyhound, haus am rand, horskh, imminent / synapscape, in slaughter natives, kaffee und kuchen, lustmord, meta meat, mono no aware, monolith, nur zwei linien, s.k.e.t., siamgda, somatic responses, suicide inside, sutcliffe jügend, yura yura.


1 nocturnal revelation aphexia
2 alternate endeavour alarmen
3 mend haus am rand
4 acid gatto gatto nero
5 slash-and-burn siamgda
6 sufferhead-live dive
7 f.o.w.h.d. in slaughter natives
8 inside mono no aware
9 dual meccanism imminent / synapscape
10 24h ramonabar feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim
11 dust suicide inside feat. machinalis tarantulae
12 white noise-necro deathmort remix gold
13 skydance-meteor-mix genevieve pasquier
14 themes from the woods-partIII empusae
1 dinamika matematiko III-exclusive version for mf 2017 esplendor geometrico
2 yor eyes say otherwise greyhound
3 parallax somatic responses
4 allerheiligenvloed-mfest 2017 version ah cama-sotz
5 ausburger kaffeegäßchen kaffee und kuchen
6 kaustrom nur zwei linien
7 makina mutante yura yura
8 countdown final-e.nhanced v.isceral e.xperience-shudder remix by def meta meat
9 victim horskh
10 g.o.d. & fear inc. s.k.e.t.
11 the calving man sutcliffe jügend
12 loather goreshit
13 black cat monolith
14 trinity-live in adelaide march 14 2013 [extract] lustmord