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‘die4.generation’ is an album about ideology, and the point-of-no-return called violence. it tries to understand the concept of resistance, and in the same time vaguely search for new forms of resistance. it is not a political, but rather a philosophical attempt to grab the idea, actions and failures of entire generations and to underline the importance of living a life dedicated to the human individual capacity to ‘think’. in times of extreme polarisation and propaganda, that is about the most powerful ‘weapon’ each of us has. on a musical level, ‘die4.generation’ builds further on the path of the ‘immer wieder nein’ album and on the earliest roots of the hypnoskull project where rhythms and techno were combined with noise and industrial music. five re-interpretations of the title track made by elisabeth marta hilgenberg who already made an appearance on hypnoskull's 'secret thirteen mix 152', new frames project (david frisch and mathis mootz), 6siss a.k.a. peter adriaenssens from belgium, imminent (olivier moreau) and techno dj and producer d.(avide) carbone from naples complete the album itself in a most forceful way.


1 die4.generation (elisabeth marta hilgenberg remix)
2 die4.generation (new frames remix)
3 die4.generation (die 6siss r3m1x)
4 die4.generation (imminent remix)
5 die4.generation (d. carbone acid remix)