a moment out of ten years 2.0. digitalraub-005

a moment out of ten years 2.0. mp3 album

raubbau. digitalraub-005

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sanctum has provided raubbau a rich harvest of musical delight so far- but one last thing is left there that’s necessary to get the full picture: a moment out of ten years, originally a mere 7-track-digital release from 2004 to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary. now this reissue presents the entire 2001 performance at the cornerstone music festival in illinois. this 56 minutes recording is the last representation of sanctum in the line-up with vocals by lena, thus the majority of tracks here is from the ‘lupus in fabula/answer to this riddle’ era, with one oddity and two exclusive cuts added for good measure. the sanctum connoisseur might consider this what ‘new york city bluster’ should have been, musically, while it was actually recorded at a later date, thus giving a fascinating look at the development of the band. the recording is in unaltered and authentic live quality, a snapshot of an obviously joyful performance, a band in vivid interaction with a spellbound audience - if you can relate to the idea of dark positivity, you start to get the picture. leaning strongly to the female side, ‘a moment out of ten years’ is the pinnacle of the dialectic goth-industrial sound of early sanctum, with the exclusive tracks ‘muffled piano’ and ‘fönster’ featuring lena’s distinct, ethereal singing style - a dominant feature throughout, but always with harrowing, sounds in fragile contrast. a moment out of ten years well worth to be remembered!


1 the door
2 muffled piano
3 juniper dream
4 fönster
5 dragonfly
6 too real
7 decay
8 in two minds
9 splinter
10 madelene
11 closing remark