brew hideous. ¥051

brew hideous. 12"

hymen records. ¥051

rachael kozak is the woman veiled behind the hecate moniker. releasing records on her own label zhark since 1996, she has left a bleeding wound in the global underground through dense atmospheres and tearing beats. hecate being the main conduit of electric escapism also splits her energy into other projects appearing under the name raquel de grimstone, crisis theory, and is now working with abelcain and slutmachine on other projects. relentless in her output and energy, she comes to devestate your receptors through sheer sonic mayhem. based around the destruction and murder of countless hordes of men and women for their heresy and blasphemy of the decrepit church hecate's brew hideous album is by far her most ambitious. like a sonic nightmare mutating and transforming live instruments, mainly guitars, synths and rachael kozak's own growling vocals brew hideous mixes elements of black metal, brutalizing breakcore and esoteric sound design with top notch production values. 5 violent and mysterious tracks from the most prolific female artist in hard electronic music. featuring guest appearances by vile enginez, mandragore, leech and others.


1 brew hideous
2 shards of pan
3 drunkard's cloak
4 coven in heat
5 exile / dispossession / nomadic life